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Expanding the Dream Team

For our first post of the new year we wanted to let you know about two new additions to our daring dream team.

In December we welcomed Chris De Jabet as our first Project Manager. If you’re a current or future client of ours, you will undoubtedly get to know Chris throughout the life of your project. He’ll make sure everything is done on-time and on-budget, and will remove any hurdles that come up during the process.

Chris has lived in Lincoln for the past 9 years with his wife, Karen; son, Jonathan; and adorable Boston Terrier, Rudy.

In January we welcomed back Jon Bass, our former intern, as a full-fledged video editor. If you have a video project with us, there’s a good chance Jon will be using his expertise to bring out only the best shots.

Jon is continuing his studies at the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film at UNL alongside his work with us.

Do you see yourself as part of our team? If so, tell us a little about yourself and send your résumé.