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a touch of finesse


Setting a solid foundation

Here at Three Pillars we believe that the pen is mightier than the sword. All our projects revolve around great design, because sometimes it’s not enough just to tell someone, you have to show them. Whether your project is social media content, advertising, or even a company re-brand we’ll be bringing our A-game to give you the best design possible to stand out from the crowd.



Great designs are born from great ideas. Even if you don’t have an idea you love, we have the creativity to brew up a brainstorm.



As designers we leverage every aspect of tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. From simple things like Facebook ads, to more complicated things like multi-page booklets, we know just when each tool in our palette needs to be used.



During our process it’s important to hear your voice. We want to make sure you love what we create as much as we do by listening to your thoughts.



At the end of the day, when we close our programs and shut down our computers, you can trust that we’ve devoted our time to making something just the way you like it. Whether it’s printed on a piece of paper or sent digitally through social media, we have your design needs covered.

Logo Design

It’s iconic

Logo design is the cornerstone of your brand, so it needs to represent your brand and culture. We pride ourselves in getting to know our clients on a personal level so we can create a logo that reflects who they are rather than jumping on current trends. A great logo is like putting on a new suit. The right design can be crucial in building brand equity and loyalty with customers. That’s why we obsess over every curve and every edge.

Print Design

Get your hands on something tangible

Print remains one of the most powerful forms of communication. In the digital age, the tangibility of print is impossible to ignore. Things like brochures and business cards are important for building connections and gaining customer awareness. No matter what type of print work you’re looking for, we’ve got a design to make it stand out. Even something as simple as a holiday card shows your customers you really care, and we bring the expertise so it will leave a lasting impact.


Get ready to sell like hotcakes

All types of advertising benefit from thoughtful design. Getting people’s attention is always the primary goal in advertising, and that’s why we make sure our designs will not only catch people’s attention but also keep it. We specialize in creating all sorts of advertising such as social media, magazines, direct mail, and everything in between.

Motion Graphics

So moving you’ll need a hankie

Motion graphics are a great addition or alternative to video because they can express ideas to viewers in ways that are either impossible or impractical for video. Motion graphics allow us to create a unique stage for your story to unfold on. We take the extra step to ensure audiences fully connect with the video’s story using beautiful visuals because we believe great motion graphics are more than just moving text on a screen.

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