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Love Letters: Mobile Text Alerts

Mobile Text Alerts asked us to create a video showing how their service helps businesses and organizations connect with their customers and members using effective text messages.

After Mobile Text Alerts launched the video we produced, they have seen tremendous growth in sales, more than doubling new account sign-ups. They have also seen engagement on Facebook and YouTube go from hundreds of views to thousands.

Needless to say, we love knowing our work makes a measurable impact on our clients’ business. We take even greater delight when a client sends us a love letter. After the success of their video, Aaron Nicholson, VP of Sales at Mobile Text Alerts, sent us the following testimonial to share with you.

When you need a creative, professional, and punctual video company, look no further than Three Pillars Media. You won’t regret the investment and I’m confident you’ll love how it turns out.

Mobile Text Alerts is a SaaS company, and we knew we needed help demonstrating how our software works. While we knew our customer’s pain points, and we created a good solution, it wasn’t clear to us how to best show how effective Mobile Text Alerts is for easily increasing communication and engagement between a business and its customers.

Before filming, we met with Three Pillars Media to present my thoughts for the video. They were courteous and helpful as they listened to our ideas and built on them. They were able to save us time by guiding us to the right type of video for our needs.

On the day of filming, they let me have an active role in the decision making. They were also able to take the lead to finish the second half of filming without me after I left for a meeting. Since the planning process was thorough I felt completely confident that they would complete my vision for the video. They didn’t let me down.

Three Pillars Media is excellent at taking ideas, refining them, and transforming them into a reality. We were delighted to work with them on our first high-end video project and we look forward to working with them in the future.

Aaron Nicholson

Vice President of Sales
Mobile Text Alerts

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