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Three Things We’re Thankful For

It’s that time of year when many of us pause our busy lives for a moment, enjoy the company of family and friends, eat a little too much turkey and pie, and reminisce on what we have been thankful for lately.

As we prepare to take a brief break later this week, we would like to share three things we’re thankful for at Three Pillars Media.

We are thankful for a full season serving many clients

The past few months have kept our calendars more full than ever before. We’re grateful for all of the opportunities we have had to serve our clients. We take joy in creating videos, websites, logos, and more for so many different industries.

We are thankful for the people in our company

As the number of projects we have taken on has grown, we are even more thankful that we have the right people on our team. Our team has the right mix of creativity, experience, and discipline to deliver the highest quality on time for our clients.

We are thankful for the tools of our trade

Some of the projects we’ve done this year required some new tools in our utility belts. We’re thankful to learn how to use those new tools to push our creative endeavors further.

We also had some times this year where some repairs had to be made on essential gear. We’re thankful those lined up on our filming schedule to where we experienced zero downtime. On a related note, we’re also thankful for warranties.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving

Those are just a few of the things we have been thankful for this year. We hope you have a relaxing, fun, joy-filled Thanksgiving. If your organization or company has something to be thankful for that it wants to communicate to your customers, please let us know how we can help you tell your story.