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Working with Complete Nutrition

Complete Nutrition® sells high-quality nutritional supplements through its network of retail stores. Its mission is to create safe and effective weight management, sports nutrition, fitness, and general health programs to help customers look better, feel better, and perform better.

Our friends at Simple Strat worked with Complete Nutrition to strategize new product rollouts and asked us to help with the video production side of things.

We have produced ads for two Complete Nutrition products: Citrine™ and NX6™.


Our goal with the Citrine ad was to illustrate common temptations that will throw off a person’s energy, focus, and ability to achieve weight management goals, and then showcase Citrine as the answer to all of those distractions.

We created a script, storyboarded the shots, and gathered props for a fast shoot and quick turnaround.

Since the Citrine ad needed to be delivered under a tight deadline we bypassed some of our usual production steps such as location scouting and acting talent. We shot the video in-house and everyone on our team was involved as talent and crew.


Our second ad for Complete Nutrition focused on NX6, a pre-workout supplement designed to increase your endurance and performance during a weightlifting workout.

For this ad we used a comparison approach to illustrate that a workout without NX6 would be ridiculous.

We coordinated with Simple Strat and Complete Nutrition to film at Midwest Sports Performance Institute. We also used three Complete Nutrition Ambassadors as our acting talent.

The NX6 ad is a humorous comparison between workouts with and without the advantages of NX6. Taking an NX6 before your workout increases your performance, heightens your endurance, and gives you a great workout. To go without would be absurd.

Check out this awesome Behind the Scenes footage to see how the Citrine production came together.
We greatly enjoyed working with Simple Strat and Complete Nutrition on these ads. If you have a service or product you’d like to advertise, let us know and we’ll set up a time to learn about you, create your ad, and deliver the goods.