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Who We Are

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Our Project Process

the three-step plan for achieving greatness


The first step in our process is like a first date without the awkwardness. We meet with you, get to know you, discover your needs, hear about your expectations and get an overall feeling of who you are and where you want to go.

After taking some time to learn about each other we’ll brainstorm, or as we like to call it “brain-hurricane.” We’ll figure out how to leverage the collective skills of our team to give you the best end result, and then we’ll get to work.


Our favorite toys were (and still are) Play-Doh and Legos. We are passionate about creating things and we get really excited when it’s time to start creating what we’ve envisioned. This is when our ideas and plans become concrete and our vision becomes a reality.

Whether it’s shooting a video, animating motion graphics, taking photos, illustrating a brand, or laying out a website, we love creating, and this step is our favorite part of the process. Be prepared for a certain level of giddiness from us during this phase.


It’s not enough for us to simply create media, we take time to perfect it. Holding ourselves to a very high standard in production, we pride ourselves on post-creation execution. We polish every media element we provide for you so that it’s ready for the world to see.

We can’t wait to present your media in a way that maximizes its potential. You might be putting it on your website, using it for a trade show, promoting a contest or displaying it on mobile device or tablet — if you need help we are pretty much implementation superheroes.

Meet the Team

the gang’s all here so let’s get movin’

Ryan Cole

Agency Principal

Matt Sherman

Agency Principal

Chris De Jabet

Project Manager

Ethan Parks

Senior Video Producer

Micah Dorner

Senior Video Producer

Avery Sass

Video Producer

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