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those delightful moving pictures, now in technicolor

Visual Storytellers

Gather ’round the glowing screen

Video Production is at the heart of how we communicate your story and message. Our clients look to us as leaders because video is our first love and where we’ve honed our craft. Your story is best told through video because you can communicate clearly to your audience why you do what you do. We create videos for brands, customer testimonials, fundraising, and more.



When you come to us with an idea, it doesn’t matter the state it’s in. We can clarify your vision and figure out just the right kind of video you need. We’re brain-stormers, script-writers, and location-scouts. Entrust us with your idea and we’ll make it happen.



With script in hand, locations enqueued, and a stellar crew, we set out to make you a kick-butt video.



This is where the magic happens. We cut up all that footage and make into a memorable story. From short, 15-second commercials to multi-minute narratives, we craft stunning visual tale.



With the magic in place, your video is set to be shown to the world. We’re here to help get it out to the people in any way necessary.

As part of our process we handle all aspects of video production from:

  • Idea Creation

  • Planning

  • Storyboarding

  • Location Scouting

  • Directing

  • Shooting

  • Motion Graphics

  • Post Production + Editing

  • Audio Sweetening

  • Color Grading

  • Implementation

Working With Us

Let’s have some fun

At Three Pillars Media we work with our clients in a way that transcends a business transaction. It starts with our Learn/Create/Deliver process. We get to know you by listening to your story and building a relationship with you. A biographer wouldn’t think to write a life story without getting to know their subject. We learn your story and tell it in an extraordinary way. We excel in ongoing relationships because we love learning about our clients and telling their stories as they continue to unfold.

Attention to Detail

We’re a little obsessed

Details are the difference between a good video and a great video. We’re meticulous about every detail throughout every step in our process. We don’t believe in the phrase “fix it in post”. That’s why we make sure everything is thought out and done right from the start. Following through in every step of the process is what we do best, from filming to editing, to color. We understand that combining the elements of planning, filming, and editing are what separate adequate from amazing.

Motion Graphics

So moving you’ll need a hankie

Motion graphics are a great addition or alternative to video because they can express ideas to viewers in ways that are either impossible or impractical for video.  Motion graphics allow us to create a unique stage for your story to unfold on. We take the extra step to ensure audiences fully connect with the video’s story using beautiful visuals because we believe great motion graphics are more than just moving text on a screen.

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